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Exchange Unit Core Fee

This is how it works when you order an exchange unit:

  1. From us to you:

    We will ship the product to the specified delivery address along with a return label.
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    A core fee will be added to your invoice at the time of purchase, and it will be credited back to you once your old unit has been returned to us.

  2. Return to us:

    Place your exchanged unit (the core) in the package and attach the provided return label. Then, drop off the package at the nearest post office.

  3. Core Fee:

    The core fee varies depending on the product, but it is always specified on the order confirmation. The core fee will be refunded as soon as the returned core has been inspected and approved.

    Unless otherwise agreed, the core must be returned before the invoice due date; otherwise, the core fee will be considered forfeited.

  4. Return Conditions:

    To have the return approved, the returned core must be complete and in a repairable condition.